New service calls and sensors for shopping list component


Thank you Flovie
Yes that helped me, i have it all working now.
Ran into more problems with gmail thoo, they have beefed up their security and default setting is Not to allow unsecure apps to e-mail. I logged into my gmail and under “security…” there was an option to turn off the setting for unsecure apps.

thanks again


Hi guys.

I would like to add an item to the shopping list with snips but i am getting errors.

      - service: shopping_list.add_item
          name: {{ shopping_item }}

This gives me this error:

Tue Jan 01 2019 15:19:43 GMT+0100 (Mitteleuropäische Normalzeit)

invalid key: "OrderedDict([('shopping_item', None)])"
  in "/home/homeassistant/.homeassistant/intent_script.yaml", line 167, column 0


check line 167 in your file intent_script.yaml
There must be an error there.


Thank you for your answer. line 167 is

name: {{ shopping_item }}


Any ideas to integrate with the google shopping list (home)?


not sure about google home. but i manage to sync the shopping list with alexa shopping list using IFTTT. Whenever Alexa shopping list is updated (i.e. item added or remove), IFTTT will update my HA shopping list via webhook.