New supervisor "unsupported" error

I run debian+supervised. I am pretty sure that the only extra package I have installed on debian is ssh-server. I may have played around and loaded something else, but it is hard to remember.

I am suddenly getting “unsupported” message in supervisor → system, and when I click on Learn More it leads me here Unsupported software - Home Assistant

Is this a new “feature” in the supervisor? I know installing ssh-server makes it technically unsupported, but it has never complained before.

Is there some way to detect if I have accidentally installed something that has offended the supervisor. I am really reluctant to uninstall ssh-server as I rely on it on the odd occasions that HA is totally bolloxed and I need to access the system when the ssh & webterminal addon hasn’t started.

I would be surprised if it complained about your ssh server. That’s basically part of the base OS.
AFAIK, it “only” checks if non-supervised containers are running.

You don’t get more info on what has been detected?

EDIT: I’ve been running supervised for months with a half-dozen “unsupported” warnings without issue, though :wink: But yeah, having to install an “agent” on the OS for supervisor was kind of the “too intrusive” trigger and I migrated to plain container.

I’ll search the supervisor logs. Probably should have done that already.

For me, it is Portainer, that causes the warning. Well, I would learn to live with that…

Come on nick, you know the drill.

sorry couldn’t resist. :grinning:

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:stuck_out_tongue: neither could I

make sure your docker only have HA Supervised… The rest will cause problem. Now I remote my portainer rather than have it from the HA machine.

do you know how to disable portainer so that it won’t start during boot? I could remove it as well, find I sometimes find it useful, that’s why I would like to keep it disabled and just launch it when needed. I guess that HA won’t complain if portainer is not running during boot?

I dont think so… it will detect unknown docker container and will cause error