New Tile Dashoard - Combine Switch with Power consumption

Hi everyone,

I’m currently playing around with the new sections dashboard and have found a situation where I need help :slight_smile:

I built a dashboard where I can see all of my plugs. All of them Tasmota-Devices.


Here for example you can see all plugs in the living room. Is there a way to combine the switch entitiy with the power consumption entitiy, so that it is shown instead of the state (On/Off). I found a topic where I combine the power consumption entitiy with an (service-)action, which toggles the device. But in this scenario I can’t see the device state (On/Off) in the icon. It always show the icon and doesn’t change the color (yellow for example for powered on).

Is there a way to archive this? Would make the dashboard way more informative :slight_smile:

Here’s my test:

I look forward to hearing your ideas :slight_smile:

this can be achieved quite easily with mushroom template card, I do something similar with mine.
although it’s not a tile card.

I just have a daily energy cost / Usage and last updated so I know I’ve got the most upto date reading.

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