New to HASS, question about initial setup

Hi all, I’m jumping ship from SmartThings,
I’m a linux user for ~20 years …
I just bough myself a Intel NUC I7 as Home Assistant Server …
My question is what would be the best usage of the hardware …
install HA using the NUC build image from the download page or setup a fresh Debian 10 build and then install HA on top of that as some seem to do ?


Welcome to HA.

With a machine like that, you can do much more than run HA. The best way to utilize the machine fully would be to run Proxmox, have HA OS in a VM and then you are free to run other Linux based OS to do whatever else you like, without interfering with HA, or running an unsupported installation of HA.

Best? In the eye of the beholder. Personally I’d go Supervised on Debian.