New to home assistant, is this possible?


I’m considering installing on a Raspberry Pi I have and I was hoping you guys would be able to help me out with some information on whether I could do what I am trying to do. I think it must be possible with the Home Assistant platform, but I am not 100% sure.

I want to trigger several “routines” on my lights when I speak a specific phrase to Alexa/Google Home.

I have used IFTTT to trigger certain light conditions but this is a bit more complex so I don’t know if it works quite the same way. I have hue lights and yeelights.

My plan wouild be to say “Alexa, trigger bedtime”, and then for the follwoing things to happen.

  • If my lounge lights are on, set them to MAX(Current Value, 50%).
  • slowly dim them down to 0% over 5 minutes.
  • similar scripts for other lights (like the landing lights, but with different timings and brightnesses)

Looking briefly at the forum, it appears possible to do this with a script… Is that right? Unless there’s an easier way to transition that I don’t know about.

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Yes - you can find more about automations here.

You should also be able to move away from triggering the bedtime routine by voice, and fully automate it.

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What do you plan on using for lights? Certain lights do not support “transition,” that is, automatic dimming over a long time period. For example, z-wave lights (which I use) do not support transition, but hue lights do. You could achieve dimming by running a script that manually does a transition by setting the brightness, waiting a few seconds or minutes, and then setting it again, but that gets messy fast.

But yes, you can accomplish everything you described within a script. :slight_smile:

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Thank you both for your replies.

I’d like to trigger it by voice since motion detection won’t work. We have cats, and timings will be irratic so I can’t just trigger at a specific time.

We have some hue lights, and some yeelights. I will be getting more light as I go. Probably Hue or Ikea Tradfri connected to the hue hub.

This all seems like great fun; if a little intimidating and overwhelming to start with.

Over time though, with other sensors, or smart device monitoring, you may well be able to.

For instance, if you’re usually watching TV before you go to bed, can you detect when the TV is turned off? Door sensors to tell when you’ve opened/closed doors in a certain order… the great thing is that you’re limited primarily by your imagination (and budget).

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We’re using voice to do this partly because we haven’t come up with another method that we like and also because I enjoy talking to “the other woman”, as my wife calls our Google Homes. :smiley:

Here is a link to a thread on how we have it set up.