New to Home Assistant. Latest Upgrade created issues with Withings

I’m new to HA but it took a breeze to install HA, install Withings and use MQTT. Extremely easy, great job. I was on 9.3.x and Withings was sending only new scale values to MQTT, I did not have any issues. After upgrading to the latest 10.X, (Not sure yet what is happening) but every time HA checks with Withings (I believe every 10 minutes) it sends 0 values or same values to MQTT. I downgraded to 9.3 and everything is back to normal. I’m still learning so be with me, I have attached the YAML file but if you need anything else, please let me know:

“{{ states(‘sensor.withings_systolic_blood_pressure_mmhg_scale’) }}”
“{{ states(‘sensor.withings_diastolic_blood_pressure_mmhg_scale’) }}”
platform: state

  • sensor.withings_systolic_blood_pressure_mmhg_scale
    platform: state
  • sensor.withings_systolic_blood_pressure_mmhg_scale

id: ‘1695841030512’
alias: Diastolic Blood Pressure MQTT
description: Diastolic Blood Pressure

  • platform: state
    • sensor.withings_diastolic_blood_pressure_mmhg_scale
      condition: []
  • service: mqtt.publish
    qos: ‘0’
    topic: HomeAssistant/DiastolicBloodPressure
    payload_template: ‘{{ states(’‘sensor.withings_diastolic_blood_pressure_mmhg_scale’’) }}’
    mode: single

The withings integration was basically rewritten with this version of HA. If you’re seeing issues you should report it to the integrations developers in an issue on Git

Thank you for the fast reply, can you please let me know the link that I should use for it?

  1. Please see the sticky on code markup

  2. The Withings docs have the link you need