New user needs handholding - dashboards

Anyone willing to help a nearly bald noob (been pulling my hair out for a week)??? Not even to baby steps yet, hardly even crawling. . .

Installation up and running, though trying to learn dashboards has been difficult (for me) so far. Have spent many hours reading docs and looking at others’ examples, but have not been able to implement much into my own.

Ultimately would like a vertical stack of buttons purely for navigation. So far, unable to write code correctly when trying to add a custom:button-card to a vertical stack. So, now started trying to create a simple single button that has text only (no icon) of a height that would be useful as a navigation button on a tablet. Here is what I have now (without any actions yet, just trying to display the button):

    - height: 200px
name: Security
font-size: 50px

Would like to have text larger, though font-size doesn’t seem to be the answer, doesn’t change anything.


Never mind, making some progress after more hours of study and trial-and-error

BTW - thanks for all the replies!!!

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Please have a read of the introduction and points 17 & 18 here: How to help us help you - or How to ask a good question