Newbie from Hubitat with question (hubitat vs radio sticks?)

New to automation. Bought a Hubitat hub to grow from a segregated wifi system but find I think I need to go with Home Assistant.

My question is, should I keep the Hubitat C7 to use the 700 Z-wave and Zigbee radio, or should I return it (still in my return period) and add usb radio stick(s) to the Pi4 I am building? Not worried about saving a few dollars just want as solid hassle free solution i can build.

I would guess a stick would be better. integrations such as Hubitat are designed primarily to help people migrate away from those systems.

Thanks for reply, something I intended to mention is I only have one zigbee motion (Iris Motion Sensor IL07 3rd Gen) so it’s not like i need to migrate.

I just heard the HE antennas are excellent and I am having trouble finding zwave 700 series sticks people having luck with. Didnt know if the integration w HE is worth it since they apparently have good antennas, or better off buying dedicated sticks for the PI4… hope others chime in…

If you’re looking for a solid hassle free solution and not worried about money, I recommend a NUC vs RbPi. And return that useless brick and stick with HA.


What specifically do you want to do that Hubitat can’t but Home Assistant can?

Want to rule them all :slight_smile:

HE has no little or no wifi device integration. Zwave devices are expensive with prro reviews and options. I want to be able to tinker w many manufacturers offering. I like open source and platform independence. Just dont know if integrating HE to HA to use HE good antennas is worth the liability associated to that integration. I looked for sticks not seeing good options.

Based on the size of the discussion (957 and counting, plus it’s active, plus @jason0x43 is super responsive and nurturing) on the Hubitat integration, I would give it a shot, if I were you, before I buy anything else.


I ended up using HE for my zwave and zigbee hardware via @jason0x43 and his HACS integration w/ HA. It’s worked great for me and I’ve been pretty happy. @jason0x43 by the way is amazing and super responsive