Newbie question - how do I install a community add-on, Nissan Leaf

is it better now ?

Hi. So firstly, apologies for forgetting that I have installed some custom cards which are in use in the dashboard. So maybe it’s best to simplify things and take it a step at a time:

  • Ignore (or delete completely) the part of the dashboard with the LEAF stuff. You can add the controls that you need later, without all the complexity.
  • See how far you can get debugging it yourself:
    • Firstly in the developer tools click on Check Configuration to see if some error has slipped into the YAML
    • If that’s all OK, then use the ‘States’ tab to see if you can find your new LEAF variables and work out if they are getting values from the Nissan servers. Tip: use the ‘Filter entities’ option to filter just entities with the right kind of names (eg. ‘Leaf’)
    • Also look at the error logs. That’s under Settings → System → Logs and then you will probably need to Load Full Logs. Beware, that last bit can take a long time. Look through the logs or apply filtering to see if you are getting an error from the Nissan servers.

It can take quite a long time for the Nissan servers to provide updates, so you have to be patient at times with this. Also, everyone says that the Nissan servers are temperamental, so sometimes it really isn’t your code that’s at fault. When I was trying to get it all working I used a third party app on my phone, QuickLeaf that I used to check whether or not the Nissan APIs were working and that I had got all my login details correct (!). If the QuickLeaf app on your phone can poll the Nissan servers for the battery status then HA should be able to; conversely, if QuickLeaf cannot get a response, then you’re better waiting until Nissan is playing nicely again!

Let me know how you get on.

A tip as well, ha entity names are always lower case, so nothing will EVER be named sensor.LEAF_charge.

I found it from the app you gave me quickLeaf I used the email to sign in on HA it should be the user name now it works fine. Many thanks

I want to have to change the unit from miles to km
is it just to change in the yaml from miles to km ?


It is change force miles to falce to get km

Thanks all

Worth a try! Let us know if it works.

everything works now

many thanks

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I’m very new to HA & I’m interested in getting this Nissan integration working.
You have posted 2 sections of yaml. The first section I think should be placed in the configuration.yaml file in the /homeassistant folder. Can you tell me where the second section of yaml should be placed please?

Thanks Keith

Thanks Nick,
I have actually already read that document and many others.
My question was really aimed at Phil and was specifically “where should the second section of yaml that Phil supplied be placed”?
I.e. what is the name of the file and what folder is it in?
For me, it gives all sorts of errors if I place it in /config/configuration.yaml.
If I’m told that’s where it should be placed, I will trouble shoot it. But there’s no point me troubleshooting if the code should be in another file.

Thanks again Keith

It is an excerpt from the frontend configuration. In a dashboard click the overflow menu and choose edit dashboard. Then click the overflow menu again choose raw configuration editor. Voila.

Hi Keith. Nick is exactly right; this is taken directly from the code editor of a dashboard. However, if you are new to Home Assistant then you might find it more useful building your dashboard up one button at a time, rather than wrestling with someone else’s code in YAML. It is getting a bit off topic, but you’re welcome to message me directly if you’d like some pointers.

Thanks Nick. That has sorted it for me.

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Thanks Nick. I’ve edited my earlier post so it is clearer where the code is from :slightly_smiling_face:.

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