Nextion esphome

I’m struggling to get an already working thermostat working perfectly with an Esphome version that I can’t remember anymore because I moved and abandoned everything about a year ago. this is the error i get. I tried the simple example which is on Esphome with both esp32 and esp8266 with no success. the error is UART timed out at byte 0!

I don’t think anyone on this forum has a crystal ball, so to get some help you need to give more information. Please check How to help us help you - or How to ask a good question

surely. the post was aimed at those who may have encountered the same problem in the log with a Nextion. There is no other info to add. this also happens with the simple example on Esphome… both with esp32 and 8266

No yaml, no logs, no help.

Still no yaml, but Google find this thread

i think i fixed it. but I’m having another problem, the Nextion synchronizes only if I remove power from both esp and Nextion at the same time. if I just do an esp reset the Nextion no longer populates with data. now I explain what happened. i managed after hours to understand that the firmware requires only one platform as Nextion display… my old firmware was with multiple Nextion displays to intersperse the data

Old firmware working before last Esphome update