NGINX without Let's Encrypt/DuckDNS using personal domain and purchased cert

I’ve seen a number of guides on setting up NGINX and would like to do this, but I don’t want to get a Let’s Encrypt cert or use DuckDNS as I already have an SSL cert and domain that redirects to my home. It seems that’s the only way anyone does this :slight_smile:

I’ve tried following a few of the guides, but I’m not familiar at all with NGINX so I don’t know which steps are relying on the use of Let’s Encrypt or how to adjust them to use a personally owned cert. I know I could just use Let’s Encrypt, but since I already have the cert, I figure it saves the hassle of renewing the cert when it expires. Does anyone have a guide on setting up Hass with NGINX using a cert bought from a regular provider or just tips on how to adjust the current guides to work?

There shouldn’t be anything specific to Let’s Encrypt certificates. You probably just have to edit the paths to the certificate and key to match your locations. Besides that you can pretty much go with what you find around here.
If you want to go step by step you may also have a look if your certificate issuer has some demo-config for nginx which just serves some static html page. If that’s working you just have to get the reverse-proxy for HASS running.
Worst case would be if your certificate needs some CA-chain included in a way that nobody here does it with LE. But that again would something your certificate issuer would tell you about in some FAQ section.

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Thanks :slight_smile: I think I finally figured out what my problem was, I kept skipping over step 4 thinking it had to do with the openssl method of creating a personal certificate. I’m about halfway through again and I think I got it all figured out now, just gotta finish up and test.