No entity state listed into automations

Hi there. I am trying to add an automation to notify if the dishwasher is in mode “Delayed Start” but the door si open. First trigger is:

My problem is that only “available” and "unavailable state are listed…but if I enter into the entity, I have “Delayed Start”:

Any suggestion how can I use the “Delayed Start” state? Thank you

Just type the desired value in the From field.

Your trigger is using a sensor entity which can have many possible values (like a temperature sensor). The Automation Editor doesn’t know what all of the values can be so, in the dropdown list, it only displays three options that are common to all sensor entities:

  1. Any value
  2. unavailable
  3. unknown

If it was a temperature sensor and you wanted the State Trigger to trigger when the temperature is 23 then you would enter 23 in the field. In your case, if you want to trigger when the sensor’s state value is Delayed Start then that’s what you type in the field.

However you should confirm that it’s the sensor’s actual state value. Sometimes what is displayed in the UI is different (simplified) from the true value. For example, your second screenshot implies the actual value is a much longer string that begins with “BSH” and ends with “DelayedStart”. That looks like what you should type in the field and not merely “Delayed Start”.

Thank you for your suggestion. It worked!

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You’re welcome!

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