No Network when using Bridge (VMWare Workstation Pro)

Under Windows 11 and VMware Player 17.02 … the approach outlined above restored the functionality of an HA 7.6 that no longer worked!

While trying to bring up the current HA 11.5 under VMware following the same above instructions, it seems file /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/default in step 4 above no longer exists, and creating the file raised all kind of other issues …

After fighting with these errors for the last few days I just upgraded to VMware 17.5.0 and problem vanished!? IPV4 up and running - no issues with 11.5 or 7.6 (with the step 4 changes removed)!

VMware 17.0.2 was the culprit!

I had the same problem and solved it with this solution. There were several network adapters on my machine. I opened the “virtual network editor” and in bridge I pointed the “Bridged to” to the correct adapter.