No real-time dimming

I’m sure I read somewhere that HA doesn’t naturally support dimmers ??!?
I may have this wrong !
Tried a few embedded dimmers and all act the same . Dimming option is visible but doesn’t do anything . But if I turn the light off then on - it comes on correctly dimmed .
Am I missing something ?

Where did you read that? What dimmers? How are you communicating with them? How does your config look? What did you eat this morning?

I read something somewhere on here - admit confusion !
Zigbee devices . Tried a few . The dimmer option is there but as I say to get the correct ‘dim’ requires turning the light off then on .
As I’ve tried 3 different brands of dimmer I did think rather strange …
They added as expected to Zha - no issues .
Rebooted ha etc ( on generic pc ) -

Removed all dimmers from zha .
Installed latest HA update .
Rebooted fresh
Re-added each zigbee dimmer one at a time .
Magically dimming now works ‘real time’ ….