No stable wifi connection after reboot

It is the recomended forum for esphome.

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Try Discord

Here is the Official Forum for ESPHome

Have you tried reddit?

Have you tried assigning a static IP address in the YAML (obviously outside of your router’s DHCP range)?

Rude, this is also the esphome forum.


I didn’t know , so i check the provided url, which doesn’t seems to state so, on contrary , it say for Homeassistant, Yes i know many users have ESPHome, integrated in HA, i still don’t but will probably eventually.

And if this is really True, what You are stating, no wonder why there are so many ESPHome issues here, i never read the ones that clearly states in their Topic header, that their issues is ESPHome realated, but ofcause people who don’t read the provided url, they write anything to get “attention”

So it was not After reboot of HA, and his Wifi did not become unstable because of configs in HA

I better pay more attention to the little “section” claimer, so i don’t misunderstand Topic in the future

To be honest, i find it VERY horrible if this community suddenly becomes a ESPHome Forum, IT should then be a Section of it’s own, if it’s not integrated in HA , the search function will also be quite hopeless as with to many irrelevant “hits” (like wifi unstable after reboot)

Go here. Click on forum. You end here. It’s been that way since esphome started, when it was called esphomeyaml (or something like that).

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And in the bottom you find the “ESPHome Community” on Discord, thou im more interested in knowing , why NON HA related issues ends up in the same Topic Stream, and how one can filter out ( ESPHome Not related to HA )
It’s like if people starting to join and open Topic about Grafana, InfluxDB, etc. etc. you name it !, whatever integration which can be used stand alone or in other systems than HA, but they figured that they might get better “help” here than other place , atleast OP was frankly.

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The link actually says “forums” so I suppose they’re not claiming it for their own. Yet. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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HA and Esphome are both nabu casa projects.

@boheme61 you are free to ignore the esphome section of the forum.

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What is it you refuse to understand ?

This also isn’t a general home automation forum, this is a forum for Home Assistant and things related to it. Any question about Home Assistant, and about using things with Home Assistant, is welcome here. We can’t help you with everything though.
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This is the place to seek esphome help, whether or not you are using home assistant

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How ? , "A Topic like " No stable wifi connection after reboot , EVEN if it’s marked ESPHome, Does not need to be Caused by ESPHome, NOT even if it was ESPHome Integration in HA

Tell me how i can Filter out ALL ESPHome related issues , and i will, i don’t wanna see them in the Topic flow

Yeah i saw it Indy :wink: , awfull, in consideration how many issues in here seems ESPHome related (wonder how many of them don’t have it in HA ) , they should have it’s own Topic stream, just do to that

There are all sorts of options here

i said “Filter out”, not add ALL but one, beside none says (Not Related to HA, Because Poster don’t have HA) and as i mentioned i already dont read the posts clearly stating it’s ESPHome issues, unless there are other aspects of interests, in the topic (and the info you get on “hover” Related to HA) ( because i dont have ESPHome now), and could not in my world imagine that “someone” sneaked this in (Does not have to be HA related ) in Few years when the word gets around it will not only be overwhelming with ESPHome issues, and whatever “product” people use( Ahh this is supported by HA, so we join there, “it’s recommended” regardless of people have HA, or use ie ESPHome or whatever is “supported by HA”, it will drawn the HA Community, period

OK guys, need a bit more zen here. Why don’t we change the subject…

What can we talk about? Oh, I know! Node Red! :rofl:


This forum is also for esphome.

Why did this even spark an argument? Even if it wasn’t for esphome, just flag the post and the mods will take care of it instead of starting an argument.


You have to decide yourself when it became an argument, i didn’t mean to be “rude”, which i also explained.

As OP had 8min read time, and very weak/general Topic header(and description), i provided him with the first url, ( Where it absolutely (among other helpful info ) not states that it’s also a “General Recommended ESPHome” Forum ) , so i provided him with the Official ESPHome Community link to Discord. And that was suppose to be my last visit here ( i was in a good mood then )

PS: I know i have to be better, in not getting into an argument, i’ll work on that

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And you are 100% correct and @boheme61 might just say sorry now :wink:

Honestly I’m baffled how much of :poop: you are posting here. There was no change at all the last month/years and like @nickrout stated this is and was the official ESPHome Forum since ages (esphomeyaml anyone?).

If you just want to polarize and spread hatred (or troll around) this is really the wrong community for you @boheme61 :warning:

And as it looks like you (more than one time) “accidentally” entered the esphome category :point_down:

you might just follow @nickrout suggestion and mute the esphome category for you completely so it will not show up in “latest”, can just click here :point_down:

and add the esphome category in the last box (muted). :see_no_evil:
Now you (and we) should be sound & safe :+1: