No theme background image after cache reload

I’ve experienced a strange behavior with the background image and card color after reloading the cache of my browser.
IOS Dark Theme installed from Hacs two years ago with card-mod and browser-mod installed.
Sometimes I reloaded the browser cache as well as the iphone app wihout any issue.
Yesterday I didi it again on Chrome and suddenly just black in background as well as the cards and no images.
Restoring the Chrome cache of some week ago thanks to Time Machine fixed the problem, but of course it can’t be done on the complementary app.
I didn’t change anything during these weeks at frontend level, it just looks like for some reason the frontend is not updated.
Any help appreciated.
Thank you.

See: Background image not displayed

It did the trick…thank you a lot, appreciated

Glad to hear! Would you be so kind and mark the topic as answered?