No update entity for my ESPhome devices


I have some ESPhome devices in my home, connected to my HA instance using the esphome integration and all works great, but I haven’t their update entity. After some search, I didn’t find how to have them. There is special thing to do for that ?

Thanks !

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HA install type, logs, yamls, anything?

HaOS + ESPHome Add-On should be sufficient by default

Install with docker stable image (up-to-date) on Raspberry Pi 4 running on Debian. No yaml configuration relative to esphome integration. I will check the logs but I pretty sure to never see something relative in it. Esphome is deported on another machine on Debian 12 (with more resources to build firmwares) and is installed using pip in virtualenv.

When not using HAOS and the ESPhome add-on, their is special things to do to to get the update entities?


Don’t think so.

The esphome dashboard integration is the communication interface between the add-on and HA which tells about the latest esphome (dashboard) version installed so HA can check if all nodes are up 2 date.

But if you try the search engine some user actually rebuild that function not long ago for non add-on installs…

I tried the search for you and this was the first result:

Yes, you 're right: I finally analysed the code of the esphome integration (I don’t find an esphome dashboard integration) and currently, the only way to configure the link with the esphome dashboard is when it’s automatically discovered by the supervisor service.

I not sure this integration couldn’t works with an externally installed ESPhome dashboard, so I will try to patch the esphome integration to allow setting the link with the dashboard by using another way.

Yes, I already have this type of information and notification in my HA, but I would love to have the way to trigger update from HA :wink:

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I am running HA Core and ESPHome separately in Docker containers and had the same question. I would love to see this become available soon!