No zigbee configuration menu on device

Hi there,
I am getting my new Pi in a few days. For now i am testing with a HA setup in virtual box.
I have zigbee HA setup end for test i connected 2 devices.
I want to change the detection time interval on a aqara motion sensor as this has default of 3 minutes, but somehow i cannot find the configuration menu on the device page.
I have seen screenshots on this board form devices with that configuartion menu option.
Do i need to enable that somewhere?

Tnx in advabnce

I believe that the the time interval on that specific device is hardcoded in the firmware (as in a product hardware/firmware limitation) so some people hack hardware to get around it, see:

I have a homey as well. In there i can adjust the setting on the same device. Still i can’t find the configuration menu where is should be able to change the setting.

This is what i am looking for:

If not all expected Zigbee clusters and/attributes are exposed there as entities then the ZHA Device Handler (a.k.a. Quirk) needs to be extended, so submit a new device support request, see →

what kind of aqara moton sensor?