Node red challenge

I am running node red from hassio. I have a sensor in hassio that gives time of some events as payload in the format 2019-06-03T20:38:00. I want to use this sensor for automation but because of this format its not happening. i tried to use node-red-contrib-simpletime, but it gives wrong time. i would like to get advice to execute this. i,e Using the sensor payload which is a time format for calling a service from hassio at that time from the format.

All times should be stored internally using unix time

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Actually I solved the first part…that is extracting the hours and minute from the time format provided but now my challege is how to use the extracted time in the format HH:mm to call a service at this time…any advises… any scheduler that would accept this time s input and produce output at this time?

I found this node which would do what is asked but this is not available in nodered pallets.

what to do?