The easiest route would be if you have shell/command line access and are able to stop node-RED uninstall node-red-contrib-home-assistant and then install node-red-contrib-home-assistant-websocket

# stop node-red
$ cd ~/.node-red
$ npm uninstall node-red-contrib-home-assistant
$ npm install node-red-contrib-home-assistant-websocket
# then restart node-red

If that’s not an option you could export all the flows that use the Home Assistant nodes save them in a text file so you accidentally don’t lose them. Then delete the flows you exported which should then allow you to uninstall node-red-contrib-home-assistant via the palette and then install node-red-contrib-home-assistant-websocket. After that, you should be able to import the flows that you exported earlier. Using this method you’ll probably have to re-enter your Home Assistant credentials.

@frenck posted on Reddit instruction if you’re a user.

Replaced the original palette with your fork this afternoon. Tested my automations and works great ! Thx for the good work. I’ll report if i have anything wrong.

Do you have to redo node by node, or swapping the package using npm (while nodered is off) works good?

@ Kermit Awesome, thank you for the instructions. I have a dedicated Node-Red install and will be able to do the command line option

Happy that there is new maintainers of the home assistant node red flows, but like buses, you wait for 1 and 2 come along. Would it be beneficial or possible if yourself and spartans fork could merge and have 2 or more people who are able to maintain one project?

At the moment i have to choose with staying with spartans fork or moving to this one,and run the risk of my wrong choice going stale and not being maintained

just a thought. either way, keep up the good work

Just upgraded and no had issues at all. Thanks for making the changes to Websocket. Hoping to get rid of the connection problem.

Just swapping the package out and replacing it should work in most cases. The only caveat being that if you’re coming from Ayapejian version you’ll have to check your ‘Poll State’ and ‘Current State’ nodes both have a little different output.

Using and suddenly I see the status below each of the nodes. :slight_smile:

Thanks for this!

Spoke too soon. I’ve generated a Long Live Account Token under my HA account, and used the generated token on Access Token. Base URL is http://hassio/homeassistant and Use Legacy API Password is checked. When I deploy I get:

[error] [server:Home Assistant] Error: [Home Assistant] Invalid access token or password.

What am I doing wrong?

If you’re using the Long Lived Access Token uncheck the Use Legacy API password checkbox

Ah yes, that worked. Also, http://hassio/homeassistant won’t work for the Base URL. It should be: or http://IP:8123


Hi, i’m getting following error trying to update

RangeError: Invalid WebSocket frame: RSV2 and RSV3 must be clear


Well, tried to rollback to 0.0.4, and now I seams to connect, but nothing is working.
I’m getting this error

entity could not be found in cache for entity_id: sensor.humidity1, sending empty payload

What version of nodejs are you running and are you running node-RED in docker? That looks to be same error I was getting when I was testing with an older version of node pre v8.11.2.

If you’re running at least node v8.12 can you let me know your setup so I can look into it

Node version?
Running in Docker?

You were exactly right!

I’m running Node-Red via docker on my RPI, using v8 image.
Node version was 8.1.3, and going to the container updating to 8.12.0 solved to problem!

Thanks a lot

Is there a way to remove the node-red-contrib-home-assistant node?

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If you are asking how to remove it after replacing it refer to mine comment above. Otherwise not exactly sure what you’re asking.

Even with all flows deleted and the node disabled the remove option is not there.

@Picnic I had that problem, I think I just restarted node-red (docker) and it would allow me to delete it.

I’m also running node red in a container using the latest node-red-docker:rpi-v8 image and have got the same websocket problem. However I’m struggling to update Node to 8.12.0 as you did.

Can you please explain how to do that?


I’ve had success with version 0.0.7 of this plugin. For Hassio, don’t use http://hassio/homeassistant for the Base URL. Use either localhost,, or better, your server’s IP, and port 8123.