NOOB Question: can't get to boot/install

I am totally new to I flashed it to a 32gb micro sd (same one i had been using for raspbian). When I power up my pi 3 a white screen appears with the HA logo and nothing else happens. I even left it on overnight. I am sure I am doing-or not doing-- something stupid. :frowning:

Any advice would be greatly and humbly appreciated.


Hi @DaveKinney,

You are doing everything right. The HA logo will be the only thing you’ll see because there is no user interface on the RPi3 video output. Format the SD card with image, power up the RPi3 and after about 20 to 30 minutes you should successfully access HA at http://youripadress:8123.

You can read it here, it’s the fourth point in the list:

Hope this helps!

Ahhh ok (duh!). Well, looks like it’s connected to my home network now, but I guess my next dilemma is figuring out what ip address it’s on.

This was very helpful–thank you!!

NVM, found it. Thank you so much j.assuncao!!! :slight_smile:

Your welcome @DaveKinney! Please mark my answer as “this reply solves the problem” (grey box with checkmark bellow the answer).

Personally, i think the best thing to do on a server (any kind of server) is to configure it with a static IP. In this case you have to edit the file system-connections/resin-sample on your SD card (power off you RPi3, take the SD card and put it on your computer to edit the file) to configure the static IP. After that, put the card again on the RPi3 and boot it. Beware of the IP address you will give to the server, it must be unique on your network or you will have problems accessing the server…