Nordpool integration - setup of sensor for Denmark with 3 tarif rates per day changing month by month

Thanks for a good dialogue. I am using it to implement charging control for my EV, where I use the Nordpool data to charge in the cheapest hours at night. I implement a control, which calculates the number of hours I need to charge, and turns on and off the charge box in the cheapest hours at night. This is possible because the charge box has an external port to control it, and I can read the amount of power needed directly from the car (Mercedes EQB integration into Home Assistant HACS).

I have just one addition to the dialogue: I do not believe it is entirely correct that you pay only 5,7 øre pr kWh when buying from Andel. I called their customer service, and got the figure 17 øre, which also corresponds to my own measurements. I have changed supplier to Vindstød, who charges less than 1 øre pr kWh, and announce this also on their web site. All ather suppliers (incl Andel) keep this number secret. With a consumption of 500+ kWh per month, it sums up to more than 1000 kr per year.

I think Andel has an older agreement which I an on and a newer. If I ever get pushed to the new I will change too

For the record. Andel did the silly thing and pushed old customers to newer more expensive plan. So I changed to Vindstød. I am not getting screwed by Andel Energi.

Hi @KennethLavrsen
Thanks to this share in post 50. I’m searching for long time the delta solution to energy price to backup in LTS utility meter change and old energy price of provider :wink:

Which is the better solution for energy meter as input of your sensor electricity_spend ?

  • energy daily utility meter ?
  • energy sensor (source of the energy daily utility meter) which showing an index of energy devices

I think the result will be the same…
What is your opinion ?