Not being critical BUT

I’m very new to HA, found this forum right away and started asking questions. What I have come to notice that many of my questions go un-answered or simply no response. It seems that this forum is rather quite in general. Is there another HA forum out there that’s more active?

Well… you have the right to be critical and as you could see from the huge amount of posts…this is a very active forum.
The apparent fact that you do not receive an answer to your questions can have plenty of reasons. All people do this on a 100% voluntary basis and quite a few questions will for sure be left unanswered … this also happens to my own questions (and I believe to be slightly advanced :slight_smile: in asking the right things), so encouraging you to not take this personal.
also suggesting to find other posts with the same nature and join-in.

The forum averages about 1200 posts per day.

All I can suggest is that you have a read of this:

There’s also a Discord server and a Reddit group.

EDIT: I replied to a few of your posts but don’t use any of that hardware so my info may not be super helpful.

Quite the opposite, myself coming from several IoT forums this is one of the most active

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I just browsed through 4 of your posts and ‘me’ (me only) would have no clue how to help you with any of those hence I would not even respond.

The discord server might help in a few cases (as @tom_l already mentioned) .
Pro: you can put it in a more specific area, con: if it falls of the list (1 day old) people usually do not see this anylonger as the #entries is high as well

EDIT: what seems to help is to be more specific, i.e. open questions usually get little response. Try to state what you did/installed and where it got stuck, errors/etc.
And first and foremost…search… as there a re way WAY too many posts on the same topic.

Sorry folks, I obviously struck a nerve and that was in no way my goal. I’m crazy new to Home Assistant and although I planned to get here some day due to old wall tablet failures (3 of them) I’m diving head long in fast and trying to save my now fragmented smart home. But just to maybe save face here a little I’m a solid forum guy. Unraid is a great example, I jumped in with both feet very early on and their forum propelled me forward, I became one of the higher contributors and I would be here once I actually can help others. Again, sorry.

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No reason to be sorry :slightly_smiling_face: I know how it is perceived in the beginning. Some of my questions also gets unanswered probably due to my lack of describing the problem correctly or that someone else not sees this problem in their own installations (which normally gives me a hint that is probably something on my side rather that HA). The number of posts in here gets the numbers of questions to be so high that after a day not checking it could be hundreds and you only check the one with (for you) relevant titles. I think the answers above gives a better probability to answers to your questions:

vingerha: “what seems to help is to be more specific, i.e. open questions usually get little response. Try to state what you did/installed and where it got stuck, errors/etc.”

vingerha: “…search…” (This also my no.1 strategy since the same question has probably been answered 100 times before)

And also see the suggestions by tom_I

I will check your threads to see if there is something I can provide :face_with_monocle:.

+1 to @Mats789 : no sorry needed … HA is soo vast and flexible that it gets difficult to find the right audience and raising good questions is an ART.