Not sure what I'm running

I want to replicate my installation on a new SD card and reinstall a snapshot. The trouble is, I can’t remember how I started. How do I tell whether I have Hass or Hassio or whatever. If I look at the info in configuration, this is what I have:

|host_os|HassOS 4.15|
|installation_type|Home Assistant OS|

This mentions HomeAssistant OS, HassOS and Hassio which is what’s confusing me. Anyone help, please?

This should give you a clue :wink:


Thanks for that. That was my thinking. But I know it’s running in a container as well, and it says hassio - true, and it says HassOS, and I’m sure I saw mention of core on one page. I’m guessing it could still be all those things but Home Assistant OS as an installation method does all the work for me.

Anyway, if I build a new SD card and restore a snapshot from my existing one then I should be good.

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