Notification Automation for House temperature?

I have a Venstar thermostat, its great. I would like to setup a Notification when thermostat is in heat mode and air temp gets below 55 F. I used the “create automation” button and was able to build the automation, but it is only in opeartion when the mode is changed to heat. Any guidance is much appreciated.

It would be easier to give you specific advice if you share the automation you are asking questions about.

To do that click on the three-dot menu at the top right of the automation editor, select “Edit in YAML”, copy the entire contents from the YAMl editor, then paste the contents to the thread. Be sure to add 3 backticks (```) before and after the code block so that it is formatted properly.

Under what circumstances do you want it to be “operating” that it is not currently operating in?

Two triggers:

  • State trigger for thermostat in heat mode
  • Numeric state trigger for temperature below 55°F

Two conditions:

  • State condition for thermostat in heat mode
  • Numeric state condition for temperature below 55°F

That way, the automation will run if it gets cold whilst in heat mode, or if the thermostat gets switched to heat mode when it’s already cold.

You don’t state your end goal, but many people use the Generic Thermostat for simple heating control:

Here’s mine right now: