Notification on fuel price jump

Looking for suggestions on how to create an automation that will notify on a large jump in fuel price…

I have a bunch of sensors for different petrol stations and fuel types:

I know I can create an automation like How to get alert when my numerical value changes by 1000? that will notify on a fixed jump of a single entity. But how about being able to catch the first jump (purple) :


That all said, maybe the ideal would be to just trigger on a small increase (fuel has started to go up) and have some form of hysteresis to stop a barrage of notifications…?

My 2cts, would create a automation where I trigger on state-change
Add a if/then condition/action where I check on the difference between trigger.from_state.state and trigger.to_state.state. … if diff larger then XYZ, do something, else nothing

that what is in How to get alert when my numerical value changes by 1000?

The downside of this is that the price could go up a large amount via number of smaller jumps.

Here is Australia fuel “cycles” up and down - it used to cycle weekly - Tuesday being the cheapest. Now it is more sensitive to regional and global supply and demand, but even now, there is a weekly cycle. So the trick is to try fill before the uptick.

Missed that…
Then I guess you’d have to setup a supporting sensor, probably tis could help… have a look at the ‘change’
Statistics - Home Assistant (