Notifications for AndroidTV 2

How did you get the icons in there? I’m missing the default icons as well, but if I could replace them by other icons, that would be cool!


the code

- service: notify.androidtv
          title: "{{ state_attr('media_player.androidtv', 'friendly_name') }}"
          message: >-
            {{ state_attr('media_player.androidtv', 'media_title')
            }}<br>{{state_attr('media_player.androidtv', 'media_artist')
            }}<br>{{state_attr('media_player.androidtv', 'media_album_name') }}
            duration: "{{ state_attr('media_player.androidtv', 'media_duration') }}"
            position: top-right
            fontsize: large
            transparency: 25%
            color: black
            interrupt: 0
              url: >-
                http://{{ states('sensor.local_ip') }}:8123{{
                state_attr('media_player.androidtv', 'entity_picture') }}

i only verified icon and image in notifications for android tv work, standard notifications do not display icons nor images (at least like this)

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Thanks, works like a charme! :slight_smile: :+1: Sorry, wasn’t specific enough, I’m searching for the AndoidTV notification icons. :slight_smile:

I’m not using the other notifications, as I’m working with my own notification system. :slight_smile: