Notify or do something when an appliance like a dishwasher or washing machine finishes

I did something different by displaying a “conditional” card on my dashboard (tablet on the wall). if the dishwasher is running, the Card is visible and shows the remaining time. If its not running the card is not shown at all as it only occupies unnessicary space on my tablet.

My Dishwasher is connected with the Home Connect integration so i have access to the API for more enteties then i need on the device though so might not be applicable to everyone.

    - type: conditional
        - entity: sensor.diskmaskin_operation_state
          state: Run
        type: markdown
        style: |
          ha-card {
            --ha-card-background: #594819 !important;
        content: >
          <ha-icon icon="mdi:dishwasher"></ha-icon> Diskmaskin, kvarvarande tid: <b>{%
          if states('sensor.diskmaskin_remaining_program_time') == 'unavailable' %}
          --- {% elif
          (as_timestamp(states('sensor.diskmaskin_remaining_program_time'))) >0  %}
          <span style='font-size:24px !important; text-align:right;'> {% set sec =
          %} {%set hr = (sec / 3600) | int %} {%set min = sec / 60 - hr * 60%} {% if
          hr > 0 %} {{"%d:%02d" % (hr, min)}} {%else%} {{min | int}} Minuter {% endif %} {%
          endif %}</span></b>

Edit, Almost forgot, I also have a trigger for when the dishwasher is Done, then i do a TTS message.


platform: state
entity_id: sensor.diskmaskin_operation_state
from: Run
to: Finished


service: tts.google_say
  entity_id: media_player.home_nest_mini_group
  message: Diskmaskinen är klar

Very useful automation.
Could be possible to add a time frame for sending the notification?
Example only between 8 and 22?

I can’t seem to get the automations to fire, to test…any ideas

I have been using this automation for some time on my washing machine as of late, the notification has been hit or miss. The biggest issue I have is that the notification timing is never accurate.

I have it set to notify me one (1) minute after the lower threshold is reached and maintained, however I never get the message after a minute, it randomly longer. Some times it has taken nearly an hour or two.

And some times I don’t get the notification at all, I put another load of washing on after the first, yes it well over one (1) minute before I start the next load, and then sometimes I get the notification for the second load.

Yes I know I have an issue and I would like it fixed, I get though the magic fairies don’t know what my issue is and so what I am asking for is guidance on how to actually troubleshoot my issue. My automation is very simple, I put the values in and send a notification to my phone.


If the notification is to a mobile it can take a long while for a notification to reach you (I know for sure on Android).
Did you check the traces of the automation to get at what time the notification was triggered vs. the time you actually got it?

Nice blueprint, very useful – just cannot get any actions to run.

Checking the blueprint file in the Studio Code Server editor, this is pointed out in line 63:

Incorrect type. Expected “null”

Do you have this working with the current HAOS 2021.12?

Do you find any solution how not receive a notification on first peak?

two things.

  1. Try and send the notifications using the developer tool. Then you can see if they arrive as expected. I use “notify” on my iPhone, and normally I get the notification instantly, like within seconds.
  2. are you sure the lower threshold is actually the lower threshold. I have to use a higher threshold than expected, as there are short spikes going above. E-g. when my washing machine is waiting for the door to be opened, is spikes to 3w for less than a second with app 2 minutes between, otherwise beeing 0w reported.

I’m having the exact same issue. Do you have any solution?

I’m also running into an issue that might be a little different.

Whithout changing anything in my automation I’m getting the error:

Any ideas?

I was not able to solve problem (tried with different values and platforms) so had to use completely diffent solution for achieving this.

Which solution did you use, i also want to implement such notifications.

Thanks @Rod_Poplarchick for the blueprint and @Xelloss99 for showing me how to tweak it for the smartthings multipurpose sensor! Works great! I’ve been looking at how to do this for a long time, since I, like some others, can’t use the energy monitor for the dryer. Thanks!

I’m on the latest HAOS on RPi and have the following issue when adding the blueprint (I used the “Import Blueprint” button in this thread!):

Message malformed: Missing input pre_actions

I’ve tried with several sensors and actions, but always the same result.

Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks!


Getting the same error as above, “Message malformed: Missing input pre_actions” no mater what I select.

The error Message malformed: Missing input pre_actions is related to the recent update of the blueprint, adding the second action block for an action when the starting threshold is crossed. If you do not have a valid action there, you’ll receive the error above.

I was able to get around it by selecting “Wait for time to pass” and leaving the duration set to 0.

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Hi @Sbyx

first of all, many thanks for that nice blueprint which (almost) fit my needs.
However, would it be possible to make those wattage selections more granular, means 0.5 steps instead of 1.0?

Background of this requirement is that I’d like to switch off a device (Sat-IP Server namely) after it has been in idle mode for a while.
Therefore I have to define the power threshold to something like below 14.5W, but above 14.0.

Many thanks!

Just type what you want into the box to the right of the slider or click on the 3 dots and go edit in YAML and type in the value you want at the right spot.

This fixed it! Thank you!

I am also getting this error now and have not changed anything.