NR / HAOS / Palette Manager will not install of any new packages

Using HAOS; in the NR palette manager, I can not install any packages now, as they end with an error.

I received some help in another forum about the container that NR is in leaving an empty directory that causes the failures. I do not know where to begin to look for such things.

I have backed up my flows, as well as my HA configs (nightly) but still not sure where to go about to either remove the directory or modify a configuration.

Restart the addon, go to the logs refresh a few times while it loads, do you see any errors?. Have you tried deleting the addon and reinstalling? It should restore everything by itself.

If that still doesn’t work and you need to do a clean reinstall follow this post, You don’t need to delete the mqtt servers if you use it, that was specific to their problem.

My solution was to use the terminal to view the add-ons directory and remove the dot-whatever package that was not visible without some snooping.

The particular add-on that I was intending to use (Dashboard 2.0) installed, but would not run (as a separate issue involving HAOS endpoints itself) - and all of that has been fixed as of the 1.3.0 version that just came out.