Nuki Card with Callback support (supports both Lock & Opener, it replaces the official integration)

I’m not a python dev, unfortunately. :slight_smile:

You might also want to try the packaged version, it’s an automation.

But you have to revert all the changes you’ve done now.

Yes, me neither. Didn’t know HACS requires a bunch of python code.
I will try the packaged version but I will have to maker sure to add the urlencoding again, right?

v6.0 released, check first post.

It also contains the urlencode update. :slight_smile:

The config validator throws

Component error: packages - Integration 'packages' not found.

But i created the packages folder in the CONFIG folder and in there the callback yaml.

You have to declare the packages under the homeassistant: section, not where you declare the integrations (sensor:, template:, etc.).

Check the screenshot in the first post.

Yes, it was in the wrong spot!
Seems to work now :smiley:

BTW: What are the nuki_card entities and what’s the difference between nuki_door_sensor_state and nuki_door_state?

I don’t understand the question…

nuki_door_state is the binary_sensor of the door, that is updated both by the callback’s json payload AND by the nuki_door_sensor_state (the REST polled sensor).

Those entities:

So nuki_door_state should always show the correct state of the door?

You mean the input_text entities? Those are needed by the automation, they are used as “global variables”.

Obviously, it’s the main sensor actually, the one you see on the lovelace card with the door symbol. If you click on it, you can also check its attributes on the bottom, they provide some interesting info.

Ah, yes. I see.
So there is something to do for me tomorrow - create all the automations (security alerts, auto lock…).
Thanks for the great integration and have a good night :wink:

Would be great if you could share them, so to “complete” the integration with some possible implementations. :slight_smile:

Good night.

I will, but I use Node-RED for those, so I’ll have to share the flows.

Are you good on node-red?

I’m having a node-red issue since a week with a tcp request node…driving me crazy…

Just my 3 cents here - running HA 2021.7 with 0.6RC1 - no issues and it’s over 2 days now - cheers!

Thanks for the feedback. Are you using the standard version or the automation/package version?

Thank you @alexdelprete and guys for you commitment to this project!!
It works!!

Thanks for your kind words.Glad it’s working and you like it.

Well, not an expert but maybe I can help.

If I can’t solve it, I’ll write you in private. Thanks.

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Package version - 10 sec to set up, easier to maintain and upgrade :slight_smile: