Nuki Card with Callback support (supports both Lock & Opener, it replaces the official integration)

@ Friedrieck I read that homeassistant_start was deprecated.

the two sensors with State at the end of thr name (3rd and 4th in that list) are the polling sensors. the first two are with callback AND polling. I left them to notice the difference while developing, but they can also be removed when we’re sure everything works ok.

So it looks like it’s working for you, or not? I’m out for dinner, no computer here. :slight_smile:

I agree. Will modify it.

you wrote mdi:numeric in the request. probably i didn’t understand the request, sorry.

i don’t understand what doesn’t work for you, try to tell me exactly what you see, but concentrate on first and second sensor, not the polling sensors.

i think i will remove that event, because in the end, i need the callback sensor to be linked to the polling sensor, also at startup. also event_reload, i think that the state trigger supersedes both of them.

it was useful during development to understand what was going on under the hood. :slight_smile:

remove them.

Ha, thanks.

Yes, it seems it work finally :+1:

Thanks you very much !

Maybe keep the reload event, as you have now a longer scan/polling interval.
That way, if you effectively reload your templates (and it will happen when exploring other integrations), your sensor will be more rapidly set up.

i think i will remove that event, because […]

Which one, homeassistant start ?

back home…

yes…you are right. I’ll delete only the HA event.

So, I need to:

  1. Delete the HA event
  2. Put mdi:alphabetic to the Device Name sensor
  3. Remove the 2 polled sensors from the card list, they can create confusion, I’ll put them as attributes of the triggered door sensor in case we need to debug something.

If I forgot something please let me know…

Thanks to all of you for the help.

v4.7 released. Thank you again for all the help and advices.

Yes. Check the changelog of v4.7.

It is absolutely unnecessary but if you want continue to learn HA, an idea would be to package your integration as a blueprint.

I will install and test 4.7 after all my “lavori di casa” (my wife is watching me :grimacing: :sweat_smile:).

Nice work. Have a good day all !

@alexdelprete You could update the link on your PR comment to this thread.

The wife factor is the most important one, particularly for home automations. :smiley:

I totally forgot I did that comment. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I think the next step for this Nuki Card should be to make it a Custom Component, since the official integration is in developement with some of these features, don’t know if it will provide all the sensors though.

But I don’t know where to start, and don’t know if I’m up to the task, sincerely…:slight_smile:

Let me know your thoughts…

But I don’t know where to start, and don’t know if I’m up to the task, sincerely…

Well, on my side I am happy with the current solution. Sure, some “packaging” would be nice but anyway it is easy to find it into the forum with the keyword Nuki (I see you have wrote a link to the new solution in the previous thread).

I’m very happy about it too. It does everything I wanted. But it’s difficult to maintain and to configure for novice users. Actually, having moved almost all of the sensors in templates.yaml was a good choice, so 90% of the integration is in that file, and that helps a lot maintaining and configuring it, but a package or a custom component would be better.

I read somewhere that HA supports packages, but I also read they are being deprecated…