Nuki Card with Callback support (supports both Lock & Opener, it replaces the official integration)

The only clean and simpler solutions I can see now are:

  1. Build a 1-file package when template trigger will be supported by HA
  2. the official integration will implement everything we do with this
  3. Migrate this integration in a custom component available through HACS

For option 3 we would need a python guy, I’m not a developer, but if someone steps up we could do it quickly. :slight_smile:

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Hi Alex, I’m using this guide to integrate Nuki :slight_smile:
When I give the command curl -X GET -H "Content-Type: application/json" 'http://your_nuki_bridge_IP:8080/callback/add?token=your_NUKI_API_token&url=http://your_HA_IP:8123/api/webhook/your_long-term_webhook_id' I get this message {"success": false, "message": "too many callbacks registered"}.
How can I solve? Thank you

I think you registered too many callbacks - and you only need 1 per HA/integration (I have 2 callbacks for two independent HA systems).

Use this to list all the ones you have:
curl -X GET -H "Content-Type: application/json" 'http://your_nuki_bridge_IP:8080/callback/list?token=your_NUKI_API_token'

And then delete any extra you have with this command - replace number after ID with one you want to delete:


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thanks, I removed 2 of the 3 callbacks I had, now it is only 1 but almost all the sensors created are unavailable

I also tried to delete everything, even the Nuki integration and redo everything from 0 but without getting anything.
What can I try to do? Thank you

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Is there a way to get also the states “opening” and “closing” and to have 4 icons for the states closed-opening-open-closing as covers in HA offers?


a api-call of …/info doesn’t give me wlanConnected, but in the list of json attributes you have it

- versions
- scanResults
- wlanConnected
- serverConnected

this is what the bridge gives back using a bridge_ip/info - call:
“bridgeType”: 1,
“ids”: {
“hardwareId”: ___
“serverId”: ___
“versions”: {
“firmwareVersion”: “1.18.3”,
“wifiFirmwareVersion”: “1.2.0”
“uptime”: 336786,
“currentTime”: “2021-06-24T11:25:48+00:00”,
“serverConnected”: true,
“scanResults”: [
“deviceType”: 0,
“nukiId”: xxx,
“name”: “Nuki____”,
“rssi”: -56,
“paired”: true

Thank you in advance for your reply

You should update the firmware:

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Thank you for the info. I just realized that there are two hardware releases of the Nuki bridge and I unfortunately have the older 1.x version. I’ll replace the bridge and then the problem should be solved :wink:

Ah okay. Good luck.

You are not providing any valuable information that can help us understand what you’re doing wrong.

If you follow the guide step-by-step, it works like it has for everybody. So you’re either missing some steps or doing wrongly one of the steps. All the sensors are populated by the REST sensors and the callback. If they’re not configured correctly you will see no sensors with a real status.

Show us the all the config files so we can check if you’ve done what the guide says.

The opening/closing states are not triggered by the callback, the bridge doesn’t send them, so the answer is no. And if you think about it, it makes sense: when you start the lock action, from unlocked to lock only 2-3 seconds pass, and you would never see those intermediate states.

Here is what I entered in HA (copy / paste of the various files)
Additional information, I did the integration for the first time and it worked perfectly, then I wanted to create a package and it didn’t work (due to the problem of templates not being packaged), since I put everything back into 4 separate files started not working.
Thanks for your help

From a first look I don’t see blocking errors. So either you are not pasting everything in the right places, or you have a mix of things, and leftovers from the previous working installation.

Also, did you check HA logs when you restart? Do you find anything that can help us understand your specific issue?

What I can recommend is:

  • delete all modifications in all files, double check that there are no leftovers
  • restart HA and check there’s no errors in the logs related to this integration (sensors, etc.)
  • check HA entities list and make sure there are no sensors disabled or strange state related to this integration
  • delete all callbacks created from the bridge and double check it’s empty with list command
  • once you are sure you are in a clean state, take a break, get a coffee and breath fresh air. :slight_smile:
  • sit down at the computer, relax your mind, and follow the guide, step by step, after each step double-check
  • then double-check all files changed, just to make sure everything’s in there
  • restart HA and check logs

The process takes maximum 10-15 minutes.

Let me know…:slight_smile:

Thanks, I try to do as you told me (although I should already have done it this morning). Do you recommend that I also cancel the Nuki integration?
OT the thing that makes me laugh is that we write to each other in English and we are Italian :rofl::rofl:

As you want, it’s not needed for this integration. The two can coexist, but once you have this working there’s no reason to keep that one.

It’s a matter of respect for other users, and btw: writing in english allows you to benefit from the help of other non-italian people, the vast majority in this board. I’m not always present and many kind friends here have followed the developement of it since the beginning, so they can provide great support. :slight_smile:

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I didn’t realize that the original integration was unnecessary

I wrote, in the beginning of the first post:


This leads me to think that you don’t read things carefully, that’s why you can’t make it work. :slight_smile:

I have read the procedure to integrate it carefully, so much so that on the first try it worked

I knew it would’ve worked with those recommendations. :slight_smile:

Glad it works also for you now, enjoy it. I hope we’ll be able to create a nice and easy package so installation will be super-easy.

Alexdelprete, do you have a final list of steps for your work? I have made a similar request to Bearded Tinker who first alerted me to your work. Many thanks.

It’s in the first post.