Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 - support all available API actions (i.e. add lock/unlock)

I remember a couple of months ago, all of a sudden, my Nuki was newly recognised - dont know why (FW update?)

Anyway, I checked the logs and I got an 401 Client Error: Unauthorized for url - turns out the wrong Nuki ID was there. I removed the Nuki integration, restarted HA, added Nuki again, restarted HA - now its all good, it works now with local polling :slight_smile:


Maybe you are interesting in another integration which uses callback instead of polling, the official integration is not needed:

Thanks Joerg, I might give it a crack :slight_smile:

There is a new, much improved integration, that also uses local push and not just polling. It integrates with both, the bridge and the web API.

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got invalid repository when try to add it on HACS

do you’ve follow the instructions here : GitHub - kvj/hass_nuki_ng: Better support for Nuki devices in the Home Assistant ?

I just tried it now, and no problem

I got my 2nd smartlock today. My old 1st gen Nuki works fine with HA. But my new one is not available in HA.
I already reinstalled the nuki integration, but it had no effect. Could it be, that the Nuki integration can currently handle just one lock?


To get the Web API, is it the red colored button that I need to use to generate the key ? Or the one of the top ? Everything I try, when entering in the Integration, after submitting, it freezes and the integration is not complete… Please advise

Integration page:

It’s stuck like more than 15 min



Try this new integration : GitHub - kvj/hass_nuki_ng: Better support for Nuki devices in the Home Assistant

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Thx for your hint. Works perfect. Why the hell this is not part of the core? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Big thx to @kvj!

For me it was not necessary to fill the “Web Api token”. If you not need it for some special moves in HA, then keep it empty.
I just filled in the “Bridge Api token” and everything went fine.

Maybe @kvj can respond to that ? Need develop some part of integration ?

As far as I understand, @OrTiN is asking why nuki_ng isn’t a part of Home Assistant core integration (bundled)? I have no idea how and by whom official integration is maintained and their affiliation with Nuki.

Yepp, you got the point. The core nuki should be updated basing on your code. Works like a charm!

The official Nuki integration has the following code owners:

I don’t think they’re officially affiliated with Nuki at all. Indeed, from my perspective it would make sense to combine forces as many issues and feature requests related to the official integration are actually solved by nuki_ng.

There is no affiliation between Nuki and the HA official integration so I don’t see any reason any contribution would not be welcome :slight_smile: implementing Nuki NG modifications to the official integration would benefit for Home Assistant itself by making the existing integration near perfect.

Problem solved

Hey. Did someone come up withe the reason for that “door sensor jammed” issue? It’s now happening every 2 days that I have to reset the door sensor (worked fine for months with this extension).

The fact that the NUKI company itself is now recommending the HACS over the official integration should prompt for a reconsideration of the official integration, shouldn’t it?


Hello, after updating HomeAssistant to newest version today, the Nuki integration is failing and not connecting to Bridge