Numeric sensors "offset" setting

Some numerical data comes from some integrations with a upstream configured “offset”.

For example, “Tado” app let you configure an offset for ambient temperature, let’s say (for example) “-0.5°” on the thermostat reading, letting you a fine tuning of your reading - that comes to Home Assistant already corrected.

Sometimes you can’t correct the upstream data: the only solution is making a new template sensor with the needed offset.

Ok: the idea is letting users to put a numeric offset on the settings section of entity details box, as we do for icon, friendly name and so on. Of couse, this will have impact on the INSERT statement: offset must be an entity’s state correction on the db.


this looks like a duplicate of

please make your vote there too.

sure, agree with your point :+1:

Yes, this woudl be very useful, I have an Inkbird TH2 temp sensor that reads +1oC - disappointing as all my other sensors are fine.

I agree, so it could be very convenient.