Occupation groups suddenly not working correctly

I have a couple lighting automations that are triggered to turn the lights off when an occupation group turns off. Ive had these set up for a couple of years without issues now. As you can see in the screenshots, the automation fires to turn off the lights and then a few seconds later fires to turn off the lights when the group never turned off. This just suddenly started happening recently. Like I said, I have not touched this automation in a couple years now. I did try to rebuild the occupancy sensor, but it does the same thing.

I’ve seen a fix related to 0:00:00 delays. remove the for because it isn’t supposed to be doing anything anyway.

Also, post the automation yaml in a formatting block. A screenshot is useless for us to help you, and the choice and action are not visible now.

Also, the entity triggering is called occupancy, and the one mentioned in the automation is called motion. So are we looking at the right thing, or at something different? There seem to be two triggers, not the one shown?

I think I figured it out …
A recent firmware update to the motion detector has apparently lowered the cool down time to 4 seconds. So, at the 4 second mark its reporting the group as off, but a split second later, Aqara FP1 is reporting as occupied turning the group back on almost instantly. Before I just had the motion sensor as the trigger to turn on the lights. I added the sensor group as a trigger to turn on the lights also which restarts the automation.

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