Odd question regarding Debian/docker install and containers

I am running the latest version of HA in an approved supervised install on Debian 10, running healthy and supported.

Is there a supported way to install a linux container within HA that would be supported? I ask because my system has enough power to run some things that I am currently offloading to a couple of pi’s.

I assume that this would be something that would be an integration?

There’s the Portainer addon that will let you install other containers.

However running your own containers will violate the supervised installation conditions.

So if what you want to run does not have official or third party addons, or integrations you will have to rely on the community for support.

Thanks, I was afraid of that. I have the official Portainer addon installed, but from what I can find there is not an official container for a generic linux container. I do see that I could add another container to it besides all of the official addons that are containerized. But, it would be iinstalled in docker, not a supported route.

Seems like a waste to me… I am supported running Debian 10 and can’t offically access the base OS or install the base OS a second time in a container.

Yeah I understand. The requirement that no other software be run on a supervised installation is directly opposed to the main reason for running a supervised install.

But the devs have to make official support viable, and having a vast array of software running alongside home assistant certainly would not make this easy.

I am not a coder/programmer… but if I understand docker properly… they are virtual containers that are isolated from the other installed containers… To me it seems natural to do this. Would this be something that a competent dev could look into? Would this be something that would be worth and official request somewhere?

I would like to run smokeping, tuya-convert and a could of other tiny utilities right on the machine. I run these on a pi now, but have not exposed anything more than HA to the internet and would like to view smokeping data remotely but do not want to provide direct internet access for any more systems.

If addon available you can use that but if you have docker running and no addon available why not just install the service in a docker container seperate from HA?

That would modify the underlying system and remove me from supported/healty? My previous install was just that way. I was running Ubuntu running HA and docker. But the unsupported/unhealthy really bugged me with HA heading toward a production non-beta version.