Odroid C2, 'weird' CLI and bluetooth

hi, installation went well no probs :+1:
I just want a simple setup to talk to a few bluetooth devices and cctv cameras
couldn’t get the official ssh client add-on to work so went with the community one
This CLI doesn’t understand sudo!? It does understand bluetoothctl but I want to impliment this

so I’ve fallen at the first hurdle…
any pointers?
PS I’m familiar with arch cos I run it on my desktop in the form of endeavouros!

Why do you need sudo? The guide says it’s normally only needed for Home Assistant Core installs, however you are running Home Assistant Supervised.

maybe I don’t need sudo…
I’m not sure if I want a ‘supervised’ setup…
what’s the difference and can I migrate it to a Core install?

Here’s a good summary of the different install methods, required skill level etc.

You can migrate from supervised to core or container, however you’ll lose add-ons, snapshot functionality, automatic backups etc.

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