Omlet Auto Door for Chicken Coop

How long do the batteries last on the new wifi one? Also is the new controller able to be bought on its own and used with an exisiting omlet auto door by changing out the controller?

Wonderful! I’m one of the people who reached out to your support team to encourage them to make the API accessible to devs. It’s good to hear that you are receptive to this feedback and reinforces that I made the right choice buying the Omlet Door. One other request – please allow for local control of the door if possible. That will allow Home Assistant to continue controlling the door even if there are internet connection issues.

Regarding the battery issue, one option I considered was purchasing a rechargeable 6V lantern battery with a trickle charger. You can find various options on Amazon that come with both the battery and charger (e.g., I haven’t tested it out, but thought it might be a nice option.

Alternatively, could you create a version of the board that has the needed diode to switch between battery and mains, but add jumpers that we can use to enable/disable the diode? That will allow users the option of whether they want battery backup vs. better battery life? For now, I plan to just put in batteries when I will be out of town but use mains otherwise.

Hi All,

I’m pleased to say our developer section is now available on our Smart Knowledge base. You’ll find API documentation, and client libraries / SDKs for PHP and Typescript.

If you log in with the same details you do on the app you’ll be able to generate an API key to use, and also setup webhooks to be notified immediately of events from your device.

Really excited to see what people build with this, as I said before we always imagined this new “Smart” project as a way to enable our customers to customise the door so that it works the best for them. We’d really appreciate any feedback on the API and client libraries you might have so we can make them as useful as possible.

To pick up some of the other questions:

Battery life for the new smart control panel is 2+ months when using the smart functionality, and 6+ months if you have wifi disabled (similar to the previous non-smart panel)

You can indeed purchase the new control panel on its own to upgrade an existing door, there should be a link on the main product page to take you to the standalone control panel

Local control might be tricky with the architecture we currently have, but I’ll make a note of the request and see if this is something we want to / can add for a future release

As you say, some kind of switch to connect / disconnect the diode may be a solution for the future. It’s definitely on our list of most requested features, and we will be considering it again should we make any future revisions to the board. It wouldn’t be the simplest modification to make to the board yourself if you wanted to, but it’s not impossible to do if you know your way around a soldering iron


Awesome on the release of the APIs! I did have a question about connecting this potentially to our own mqtt servers for local only control? It’d be nice to have my servers talk directly to the door for control.

Connecting to a local MQTT server is not on the roadmap currently, but I’ve made a note of the request for us to review in the future - I can’t promise anything at this stage though

Just want to jump in here as I know Omlet well and love what they are doing. I also love HA very much although I’m a relatively new user. We work in the embedded space and have a lot of background working with MQTT and so forth. Lots of my setup here involves Tasmota / ESPHome / MQTT and we do a lot with NodeRed to wire things up.

So just to say - would be super pleased to be involved in this conversation and/or any testing.


Alex Lennon

Quick update from us - we’ve just published the Python SDK into our developer section


Guess I can replace this sister board I created now!! Very exciting to see this being done officially.

Local API would be nice. Mine uses local MQTT. I also added a low power mode which disables the WiFi, just polls every 5 mins to see if it should resume. Kicks in automatically if voltage is low, however with a 12v battery + solar it’s really just a fail safe. I’m sure the official board is a lot more efficient.

You have to get a completely new control panel. Smart Autodoor Control Panel | Omlet I just swapped mine over. It’s nice not to have to replace the door too.

Anyone got the new one working in home assistant yet, just ordered the new smart controller.

I replaced the old controller with the new one. For now, it works well.
In waiting for a home-assistant integration :slight_smile: