Only 1 LED stripe of 3 working - Limitlessled/MiLight Component V6 Bridge (iBox2)

Web interface says 8899. So what? It works on HA as shown in my config.

I did try this config but still only first zone is working… still wondering what is wrong that zone 2 and 3 do not work. On Android app all 3 zones are working fine…

Don’t change the box settings, the defaults work fine.

By “paired in the same way” I meant that you should use the same virtual remote (in the app) to do the pairing for all of them. HA is a bit picky and does not work with all of the remotes.

I will try to unlink all 3 zones and start again… also on linking procedure I will put alive (power ON) only 1 zone per linking proces to avoid some strange signal interferance…

I finally succeeded…

There was nothing wrong with pairing the lights, the problem was in configuration…

Somehow the only configuration which works for me is:

LimitlessLED - Home Assistant

platform: limitlessled
- host:
version: 6
- number: 1
type: rgbww
name: Dnevna
fade: on
- number: 2
type: rgbw
name: Hodnik
fade: on
- number: 3
type: rgbw
name: Zunaj
fade: on

But we must know, that all 3 light are the same… So rgbww should working, but works only rgbw on other two…

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That is totally bizarre! Glad you found a solution.