Open other application from HA Notification button


I would like to know if could be possible to open one application using a button inside an HA iOS Push notification?


There is a way but you have to find the “direct link url” they aren’t all documented either… I will try to find the post about it

Thanks!! Then I will wait for this documentation.

It’s not so much documentation its just a post in the forum where someone asked the same thing

Edit: here is a post with the answer to when I asked pretty much the same question… haven’t looked into it recently… maybe someone knows how to find out the deeplink url of the apps


But this is an example about the specific urls for open an app. At this moment I can open using “url” in the push notification, for example waze://?favorite=work

My problem is when I try to do this from a “button” inside a notification (using actionable notifications:

For android is very simple but with iOS I can’t open a link from a button inside a notification.


Yeah, as far as I know there is not a way to do this on iOS. Would love to be wrong. Right now, the work around I use is having the iOS event from the actionable notification send a url in a second non-actionable notification “click here to open ___.” It is clunky and not ideal, but it’s the only way I currently know how to do it.

So … this will be a good new feature por iOS HA App?

I believe the request here – at its core – is to handle separate URLs to open based on which action in the notification was tapped.

You can do that by using a dictionary as the url value, for example:

  IDENTIFIER: tel:555-555-5555

Yes @zacwest, this could be great!