Open Zwave Docker local config directory?

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Hi folks, I’m in the middle of setting up Open Zwave and wanted to stop before I got into trouble. Running ozw in docker on a rpi that is not the same one my Home Assistant is running on. It is up, running, and sees my HUSBZB-1 fine. But, I’m not sure if my mapping is right for /opt/ozw/config because the local directory I mapped to seems to be empty… shouldn’t I see something in there?

Local permissions are set correctly and I’ve done this before with a few other Docker containers and it has always worked, so I’m pretty sure of the method.

I have no added a device yet because I want to be sure any config I do will be saved locally so when I update to a newer version I won’t lose all my devices.

First, you don’t need to removed the devices when migrating to OpenZwave, they should automatically show up, because the config is saved on the Z-Wave stick.

Can you show your docker command or your docker-compose file?

I recently shared a guide how I setup OpenZwave on a secondary Pi here, maybe it can be of help for you.

Hi, thanks for taking the time to reply! Since I posted I have been plugging away at that and I did get it to work starting over. I’m pretty sure at the first go I used a static path /home/pi instead of $PDW when mapping. Should have been the same thing, but I’m not complaining.

I’m moving over from a Vera that is getting flakey and didn’t know the config stores right on the stick! Cool.

I read that you still may need to remove/add some devices again depending on the device.