OpenWRT WAN-Connection Monitor

optimized code:


  - platform: mqtt
    state_topic: "openwrt/pppoe-wan"
    json_attributes_topic: "openwrt/wan-ip"
    name: internet
    device_class: connectivity

script under /etc/hotplug.d/ directory of OpenWRT router:

[ "$INTERFACE" = "wan" ] || exit 0
[ "$ACTION" = "ifdown" ] && mosquitto_pub -h x.x.x.x -t openwrt/pppoe-wan -m OFF
[ "$ACTION" = "ifup" ] && mosquitto_pub -h x.x.x.x -t openwrt/pppoe-wan -m ON
[ "$ACTION" = "ifupdate" ] && (
    wanip=$(ifconfig pppoe-wan | awk '/inet addr/{print substr($2,6)}')
    mosquitto_pub -h x.x.x.x -t openwrt/wan-ip -m "{\"wan-ip\":\""$wanip"\"}" )
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thanks for this work, its great.
in which folder do you add the script?
I copied it into every folder, only if I restart homeassistant does it take days until the script is executed once

pls put the script under “/etc/hotplug.d/iface” directory on your openwrt router.

is not executed for me when the internet is down, only if I manually go to restart

chmod +x ?

Yes i have make the script executable

maybe the names of the interfaces are diffrent.
to make sure, you could add env > /tmp/iface.log to the begainning of the script, and check the log later

We should make a feature request for a full fledged OpenWRT integration with Sensors, switches, etc

A lot of open-source enthusiasts use both HA and OpenWRT, so it makes sense to have one.


This would be great, just switched my complete network infrastructure over to openwrt and I’m a bit baffled that it gives much less metrics than my old (commercial) solution.

Also I wouldn’t resurrect the dead (turned off mqtt 2 years ago) to get information from openwrt to ha.

For OpenWRT there’s vnstat, bandwidthmonitor/nlbwmon, and statistics/collectd, all with a gui.

Can I get any of feeding it’s data into ha? :eyes:

Not that I know of. For HA I use the upnp/igd integration. It shows WAN KiB/s and packets both ways.

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Anything special I need to set up on the openwrt side for that?


I also searched the openwrt site and can’t find anything particular helpful about this :thinking:

Do you have upnp installed and enabled? miniupnpd or luci-app-upnp.

installed both.
Now it should show up in HA?

If you have enabled upnp in openwrt, I think it should show up in HA

My current setting, but no mention of Openwrt in HA. I can see Fresbtomato and Huwaei but not OPENWRT.

Maybe also tick the ”start upnp/pmp” box?

same result. no UPNP device was found even though Freshtomato and Huwaei are working fine.

So after 2 days, it is working. For uptime, template check my other post