Oral-B integration entities

I haven’t touched this in a while, but I believe one or the attributes we could reverse engineer was basically “last cleaning session” which would state how well you cleaned. I’ve been focused on some other integrations recently, but I can try to see if I can give this some love and add that


That would be amazing! Great to check if my son has brushed properly :smiley:

Great thanks a lot! Based on your feedback I have ordered two IO-9’s. I guess you would need some logs of the toothbrush in use, so I’ll get those when I have them :slight_smile:

Hi @Lash-L,

I received the new IO-9’s today but have decided that I will return them as the bluetooth connection to my phone rarely works properly (tried with multiple phone’s) and one of the two toothbrushes reboots randomly.

However in case of interest I’m still sharing here the bluetooth logs from when I was brushing and here’s the corresponding final result shown by the Oral-B app where it shows how well I brushed each of the 16 zones:

As extra info, from day 1 I need to start the Oral-B App (no BT connecttion). Kill all Apps on the phone and start the Oral-B App again at it works fine. Pretty basic functionality that should work I think from box…

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Looks like iO Series 10 isn’t supported yet. Probably due to the fact that it uses a more advanced base station w/ wifi?

Anyone managed to get the battery sensor to show up on the 7000 Series?

Hey all, how could I make a sensor that shows the number of minutes the toothbrush is “running” per day? thx !

Hi @Lash-L, could you please also add the Oral-B iO10? It currently shows as “IO Series 6/7”.

Here is the line from the log:

AdvertisementData(local_name='Oral-B Toothbrush', manufacturer_data={220: b'\x062k\x03r\x00\x00\x06\x00\x00\x01'}, service_uuids=['0000fe0d-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb'], tx_power=0, rssi=-61) match: set() 

Hey guys!

Simple question: I own an io9 for about a week. Home Assistant instantly discovered it (I have a Bluetooth Proxy nearby) and I really like the integration. It works like a charm and I’m planning to do some automation to force me brushing regularly.
But I would also be interested in the app and it’s features. Is it possible to use both in parallel or is it exclusive, either Home Assistant or the App? I always thought Bluetooth connections were point to point, so I’m a bit afraid Home Assistant won’t be able to pick the io9 up, after I install the app.

This is even more important now, as my wife got herself an io9 after my very positive feedback and she definitely wants to use the App.

I am not using the official oralb integration but I am using the BLE monitor integration which does not require an active connection to the toothbrush but simply “sniffs” the bluetooth packets generated by the toothbrush when it is used, as a result I am able to use the app as well. I don’t know if oralb integration requires an active connection to the toothbrush or not. Surely you can try it so much it takes very little, if you then see that it doesn’t work you can switch to the BLE monitor integration.

BLE monitor integration is part of HACS, the HomeAssistant Community Store.

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It would be absolutely fantastic if Oral-B iO 10 could be added. It is now recognized as an IO Series 8/9 C239. I have already made a Feature request https://github.com/Bluetooth-Devices/oralb-ble/issues/45

I have an Oral B Genius 8000 and the integration does not auto-detect or allow me to add it manually. My kid’s Smart Series 7000 got recognised straight away and works great. The integration is also picking up an IO Series 6/7, which I think might be one of our neighbours.

Can anyone help with getting my Genius 8000 added please?