Output when a new device connects to router

I have my asuswrt integration with HA working great.
In my previous home automation (node-red based), I was able to listen to udp port 67 for any new device connecting to my router and extract mac address which I would log to a spreadsheet with last time it connected.
In my new installation, I have HA with node-red integrated (both are containerized). I also have asuswrt and nmap integration in HA. between two I am hoping I can get same functionality (i.e. get notified of new mac address when a new device connects). Is that possible ? As of now I can see that there is a sensor on router which gives number of connected devices. But I can’t figure out how to get a trigger when a new mac connects.

Hey. You can try the custom AsusRouter integration I am developing. It has the functionality to raise HA events when new devices are connected, reporting all the main info about the new device - MAC, hostname, IP and more. It can be easily used for automations and so on. More details on the event can be found in the integration docs.

There is also a user-friendly how-to start guide. The latest discussions on the features and how to use them can be found here: [Custom component] AsusRouter integration - Share your Projects! / Custom Integrations - Home Assistant Community (home-assistant.io)

@Vaskivskyi . Thanks for developing this integration. I was using default asus router integration. Will give yours a try.