Owntracks as a Person tracker not working

Thats exactly what I did entity_picture with URL reference. I found that it was used in the former device tracker entity so I just gave it a try and it worked :wink:


Phil (@pnbruckner) , wanted to say thanks for your post on Jun 13 – it was the first time I’d seen any specific info on getting the OwnTracks integration working from the configuration menu (honestly I would not have thought of deleting it).

FWIW, I’ll take a moment to share two OwnTracks-related thoughts here as I start to work with it:

  1. I’m intrigued that the Android app reports address location, but the HTTP API only provides lat/long. Not sure where the constraint is that prevents sending reverse-geocoded location back to the HA server. Also curious why no timestamp data are sent either – but then at least the last_updated and last_changed entity fields are proxies.

  2. In looking for a way to handle geocoding lookup, I landed on Mapquest’s developer API, which offers 15,000 free lookups per month, which in my case works out to queries for 3 devices about every 10 minutes. It took 5 minutes to get working, including signing up. :slight_smile: