Parental controls via dns or dhcp interface to ban child from network with simple button to enable disable access

Ok I have an idea and am working out how to implement it I’m using hassio on raspi3b . Looking to make an internet access button for the children because mum takes there router to work if one of then gets in trouble causing drama and chaos for the children plus setup again and well you know what I’m trying to say . I’ve designed the front end created input Boolean for each child. Looked into dnsmasq as well as the dhcp server add on . Plus currently using pinhole as our dns server slash ad blocker . Is it possible to press a button so that the child’s access is removed for all of there devices.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks for the Links … looking at them now

my main setup is on hassio and from what ive read this is for hassbian. wondering if possible to use a docker container that contains dsnif and then available to hassio and therefore home assistant?? ive currently been reading about creating a container from this link