Philips Tap Dial Switch with double tap and 4 dial actions

Correct! You also need to make sure the max value of your counter helper is increased (double press =4 now, so counter max needs to at least be that.

Let me know if you aren’t able to figure that part out and I will upload some yaml code you can reference. Might not be until next week though when I have a chance to sit down and strip out my personal information from the script.

It’s interesting that you’re having the same issue with me on this! Frustrating that I can’t find a fix, but at least it works now!

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all good - that was sufficient! thanks all!

Does anyone know if there exists a simpler version of this blueprint without all the complexities about which button was pressed before?

Hi, I just installed the Z2M blueprint, great work! For the rotations I am currently using increase_brightness and decrease_brightness. Increments are quite large and discontinuous. Anyone has a good solution to have a smooth increase and decrease of brightness? Thank you!