Pi4B swap to or partially to USB SSD

I’ve had Home assistant running on my pi4B for a few months now, but in my experience, SD cards are just a massive failure waiting to happen at anytime. My HA monitors and controls over 75 devices and stores a lot of data as well.

I’d like to switch off my SD as soon as possible (if possible).

I’ve been doing some research on the forums and it seems a direct boot from the ssd isn’t fully operational just yet, or it lacks support in some areas. I’m fine with just the OS running on the SD but I’d like all my HA data managed, controlled, and stored on the SSD.

This is where I’m getting lost with the many topics posted about this — there’s a lot. Could someone point me in the right direction to have the most stable instance of home assistant running (full install), either fully off my SSD, or boot to the SD and everything else off the SSD?

Also, something I’ve noticed is, many people are taking about SATA cables from USB. Is there a reason a direct USB external SSD drive wouldn’t work? Is it a power issue?


Same here - I’m completely confused about how it´s done and what the limitations are. There is so much content in the forum that I lost the overview. I have a Pi 4B as well and want to switch to SSD since running HassOS on a SD is horrible.

If I got it right there seems to be some kind of “Beta” version for booting HA from an SSD. But it´s just beta so you can´t do any updates or anything. That´s all I know.

Does anyone know when we´ll be able to boot HA from an SSD? I mean having the supervised version, getting the updates without extra effort etc.

Currently I had to shutdown my whole system because the SD card leads to outages every 24h where I have to manually reboot my Pi. That´s just super annoying :slightly_frowning_face:

I posted about how to do it in this topic Here

It’s not a Beta; the RPi4 boots from SSD now in a stable version. You still have to run Hass from within a docker on Raspian buster lite, but there is no performance issues whatsoever in doing that.

Ive now setup all 3 of my RPI4’s on SSDs. 2 run off a Samsung T7 USB 3.0 external drive, and1 off a Kingston 120G SSDNOW A400 M.2 2280 SSD (with USB 3,0 adapter) all run great.

Here is my benchmark score with that pi:

this is still a lot of hassle.
I’ve read somewhere on this forum that hassos v5 is on the way and has built-in support for ssd boot. and there is only 64bit build so far.
But have no idea when it will be released.