Picture-Elements paper-item-icon-active-color not working on some entities

Hi, In setting up my first Home Assistant, using picture-elements for a floorplan card, I am stuck on why some state-icon entities do not recognize “paper-item-icon-active-color”. I am using the Smartthings integration as I am migrating from having used that for several years.
Although my ceiling fans all recognize the “paper-item-icon-active-color” and change colors accordingly, none of my lights do. In the case of the the WIFi bulb lights, they default to a grey color when on, and the dimmer wall switch and dimmer outlet, they default to a deep-red color… all independent of what color I have set in “paper-item-icon-active-color”.
I attached a snapshot of the code for one of these.
Screenshot 2022-09-07 145830
Am I doing something wrong wrong or is there a way around this?

The "paper-item-icon-active-color" is not used for "light" entity if the light may be of ANY color.
You may forcibly set a switched on light’s icon to specified color (red, for instance) by card-mod.

Having same issue.
Been using this for some time to set a layout of my house with all the light and other appliances.
This update breaks all this, with sometimes colors that is barely visible on this card.


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Appears that anything '--paper-item-icon-color': has been depreciated with the latest release within the default UI… The only recourse, aside from restoring from backup is through themes.

I found a proposed workaround in another thread, here: I dislike the 2022.12 Color changes - #165 by robertwigley

The code was looking for is one of these, depending on the type. switch, fan or light.
There might be more, seems like its just the word that changes each time.
Need to use the RGB values.

  '--paper-item-icon-active-color': red

replaced by…

  '--rgb-state-switch-color': 255,0,0
  '--rgb-state-fan-color': 255,0,0
  '--rgb-state-light-color': 255,0,0
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And everything is broken again by the latest updates. :sob:

First of, before someone say themes again…
I have 3 switches. The color of the switches also indicate function.

  • Light off is blue. Light on is red
  • Camera off is red. Camera on is green.
  • Insect zapper off is black. Insect zapper on is orange.

How do you do that in themes?

I use a Picture Elements Card Configuration that has a whole floorplan under all the icons, showing locations.
The RGB values no longer works.
Is there another way of specifying the color? If themes has a way of linking to an item flag in Picture Elements Card Configuration or something.

type: picture-elements
image: local/Bottom2.PNG
title: Ground Floor
  - type: state-icon
      action: toggle
    entity: switch.sonoff_1000e9a316_2
    title: Toilet
    icon: mdi:toilet
      top: 18%
      left: 48%
      '--paper-item-icon-color': Blue
      '--paper-item-icon-active-color': red
      '--rgb-state-switch-color': 255,0,0

Did you find a solution, I raised a very similar issue