- platform: command_line not accepted in automation.yaml

even if you remove all other config and only use command_line?

Never tried that but to be honest that gives me the shakes the thought off whiping the whole file clean, that was a load of work in nano… lol

well of course make a backup first :wink:

I will try that tomorrow, I make so many typoos at this moment that I guess I should try another time.

By the by can I add another include with lets say switches2 and put it there?

I tried, guess what didn’t work BUT it even didn’t give an error HA is running how odd is that!

Nope using switch: !include file.yaml you can include only one. Because in your main config you can declare the switch component only once

However, you can use variants of include to include multiple files or a whole dir

See https://home-assistant.io/topics/splitting_configuration/

That part I have to read a couple of days, completely beyond my competence at this moment.